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Snow Much Fun Softball Tournament Rules
***disclaimer, rules are always subject to change, please read rules handed at out the tournament for official rules*** 

*Players must be at least 18 years of age OR 15 years of age with signed parental consent.

*Beginning in 2016, anyone not signing the roster before they play will be an automatic out.  This WILL be enforced. 

*Beginning in 2016, teams must meet in a designated area, 20 minutes prior to their first game, for a rules meeting.

*Beginning in 2018, teams will not be allowed to start a losers bracket game if they have not paid in full.

*Games are 6 innings.

*Plays at the plate are NOT force plays unless the bases are loaded.  We've had to add this to the rules after teams were playing this way in 2015.

*Please be ready to play 20 minutes prior to your game time.  We will be battling daylight at the end of the day on Saturday and if the possibility of getting ahead of schedule occurs it will only help ensure the 3PM games get completed with no daylight issues.  Teams will NOT be forced to forfeit over this, but as a courtesy we just ask you try to be ready early.

*Traffic cones will be used to designate bases, pitching area, and foul lines.   

*We will use 12" pink softballs for both men and women.    We reserve the right to change this to a rubberball tournament, if necessary for safety or deemed necessary by the school

*Mercy rule is 15 after 4 innings and 12 after 5 innings.

*You cannot bat more than two players of the same sex in a row, this includes rolling from the bottom to top of your line up.

*This is a one pitch tournament with no foul to waste.

*Teams pitch to their own players. You can select anybody to pitch to your team, including players from other teams that are just standing around.  Just be aware when selecting your pitcher(s) you have to swing at everything.

*Batters must swing at everything, there are no walks.

*No bunting.   If a batter bunts, they are out.

*Wood bats only.  BATS ARE PROVIDED AND ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN BE USED.   Anyone using a bat not provided by the tournament will be out.

*Teams may use courtesy runners for injured players AND for their pitchers.   The last out of the same sex would be the courtesy runner.     The idea is not to simply replace slower runners with faster runners, it's to avoid a serious injury concern.   Please declare players wanting a courtesy runner for injury purposes before the game.   

*ANYONE reaching base that is pitching or needs to pitch may have a courtesy runner, this is NOT limited to a teams primary pitcher, again it's the last out of the same sex.

*10 person line-up consisting of at least 4 for players of each sex.

*Teams may also bat EH's, as long as it is a male AND a female, getting your line up to 12 people OR you may bat a female EH only to get your line up to 11 people.  

*Teams MAY NOT borrow players from other teams to add EH's

*If a team does play short a female, they have an automatic out in their place in the line up.  If they are short a male, there is no automatic out in the line up.

*Teams in the field have a fielder in the pitching area, this player needs to be within 15 feet of the cone in the pitching area.....the 15 feet can be in any direction (limited to 10 feet in front of cone).   

*When pitching to your own players you do not field any balls.

*If a pitcher catches a line drive in the act of protecting him/herself the batter is out and the ball is dead.  Runners cannot advance and cannot be doubled off with this.   If a pitcher is hit with a ball (in the air or on the ground) and the balls goes foul, it will be considered a foul ball and the batter is out.

*Teams will play at full strength for the first inning of extra innings.  In the 2nd inning of extra innings teams will remove two men from the field.  All subsequent extra innings will involve teams removing one male and one female. All batters will remain in the line up, the players removed are only removed from the field.   Once a player is removed from the field in extra innings they may NOT reenter for defensive purposes.  If a team borrows players, those players must be the first of their sex removed.

*Players needing courtesy runners for injury purposes must be the first players removed (other than borrowed players) under the extra innings rules format.   If you are healthy enough to play in the field when your team starts removing players then you don't need a courtesy runner.   This rule is to help enforce people aren't using courtesy runners simply to have faster runners pinch run, that is not the purpose of the courtesy runner.    Pitchers needing courtesy runners to immediately return to pitching are not limited to how many bases they can get when hitting and are not required to use a courtesy runner for the remainder of the game after using one.

*Standard re-entry rule is in place.  Starters may re-enter a game once, in the same spot they were subbed out of in the line up.   Subs that exit a game may not re-enter.

*Teams may borrow up to two players (but not two men) from other teams for their games if they are shorthanded.   While the hope is all teams will bring enough players for their team, this is a charity event and we do not want to lose entry fees because teams are short of players.  

*Teams must use their own players before picking up from other teams. This includes anyone that has signed your roster, if someone signs your roster it includes intent to play, they shoudln't be signing the roster as fans hoping to get prizes at the end of the tournament. THE IDEA IS NOT TO LOAD UP RINGERS FROM OTHER TEAMS TO MAKE YOUR TEAM STRONGER!

*If a game goes extra innings, the borrowed players must be the first of their sex removed accordingly from the field following our extra inning guidelines.  So we are clear teams may borrow a guy or a girl, or two girls or a guy and a girl.......under no circumstances can they borrow two guys for a game.

*If a team borrows one player, that player MUST catch and bat last.   If a team borrows two women, they must play catcher and 1st base and bat 9th & 10th; if they borrow a woman and a man the male must catch and the female play first base.......with the woman batting 9th and the male 10th.

*No form of cleats are are allowed, exceptions will not be made. Yak Trax are allowed, unless otherwise notified.    Turf shoes are acceptable.

*These games are played on school grounds, therefore alcohol and smoking are prohibited.   Anyone seen with alcohol or smoking will be told to throw it away and is subject for removal from the property.   This is expected by the school board to be strongly enforced on our part and we must comply with it.

*Most games will not have umps, unless you find someone to ump your game the two teams will have to ump themselves.     We will make every attempt to have an umpire for the semifinals and finals.

*Tournament organizers reserve the right to change this to a rubberball tournament if the school or tournament organizers declare there is not enough snow on the ground. This is not only due to the large growing concern for player safety with hard softballs, but also due to the schools growing concern of damage to their fields.      Of course the hope is we'll always have plenty of snow and we can simply use regular softballs.   If, any year, a decision is made to change this to a rubberball tournament, everything will be done in our power to notify teams before the tournament in an attempt to give teams a chance to back out that would not want to play rubberball.   Again, the years when mother nature cooperates and gives us snow, this will not be an issue. 

*This is the ultimate charity event.  Have fun, relax, and make the weekend enjoyable for everyone.

*If you have any questions please feel free to ask Rick or Tiffany Currier. 

*Captains, please control your teams and make sure the reason the tournament is being played is understood.    We are helping abused children, no world series rings or major league contracts are on the line.   Let’s keep it fun and remember the tournaments purpose. 

*Thank you from the Currier and Roy families and the Prevent Child Abuse Organizations of Vermont. 

*** disclaimier, rules are always subject to change, please read rules handed out at the tournament for official rules***