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2008: The first year of the tournament featured 9 teams from New Hampshire and Vermont that gathered to help raise funds for Brianna Beland and her family. 

The tournament took place on January 26 & 27, 2008 at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, NH.    Brianna and her parents found out that at only 2 years old she was about to embark on a battle against Leukemia.   Through the efforts of the teams who braved the cold and snow over $7600 dollars were raised ($5000 of which was through an anonymous private donation).

2009:  The tournament grew from 9 teams to 14 teams as the tournament took place January 24 & 25.   Thanks to the teams coping with the very cold temperatures we were able to raise $3000 to be distributed to the Prevent Child Abuse Organizations of New Hampshire and Vermont.   Thank you to all who participated!

2010: Brianna Beland came out to receive the opening pitch from CC the Cat (Mascot for 105.3 Cat Country) and thrilled everyone with how well she is recovering from her battle with leukemia. The tournament once again grew, this time from 14 teams to 15 teams and took place on January 30-31. Despite rain leaving us with no snow and very challenging playing conditions we raised $3725 to be distributed to The Prevent Child Abuse Organizations of Vermont and New Hampshire. Words can't express how grateful we are to everyone who endured the brutal playing surfaces and helped ensure yet another successful tournament weekend.

2011:  The tournament took place on January 29-30 and CC the Cat was once again on hand (along with Cat Country 105.3) to receive the first pitch from Gunner Currier.    The event was once again a success, featuring 14 teams, raising $2925 to be divided amongst the Prevent Child Abuse Organizations of Vermont and New Hampshire.     With approximately two feet of snow on the ground the tournament was a true snow softball tournament this year and a big thank you goes out to all who participated.

2012:  The tournament took place on January 28-29 and Cat Country 101.3 was once again on hand to play some music for us.   The event was a tremendous success, especially considering the total lack of snow, raising $4000 to be divided between the Prevent Child Abuse Organizations of Vermont and New Hampshire.    Thank you to the 16 teams and roughly 170 players that participated. 

2013:  The tournament grew to 19 teams this year!    As a result of the growth in teams, tremendous sponsorship and outstanding hardwork in concession the tournament raised $5100 this year.    Once again there was very little snow and it was brutally cold, but that didn't stop roughly 200 players from coming out and supporting a tremendous cause with true heart and desire.    Thank you to everyone for making this year a complete success.

2014:  The tourament took a disappointing drop from 19 to 12 teams but still raised an incredible $3600 thanks to roughly 135 very dedicated players.   In what was probably our coldest conditions yet and with minimal snow, people still displayed tremendous attitudes and spirit.  Thank you to all the players, sponsors and concession partners that continue to make this tournament a tremendous success and of course none of it could happen without Lebanon High School continuing to lend us their fields for the weekend.  

2015:  The tournament grew back from 12 teams to 16.   The increase in teams helped us raise a total of $4700 this year.   Sadly, we again had almost no snow and to make things worse we encountered a lot of ice.   Roughly 175 very brave men and women ignored the playing conditions and put on an incredible show of skill and sportsmanship.   Thank you to all the players, sponsors, and concession partners for making this year another success!

2016:  Wow, what a weekend!!  This years event featured the second most teams we've ever had, 18, and by far the warmest temperatures we've ever been handed.   The warm weather and amazing sportsmanship, along with our tremendous sponsors helped us raise $5350, which is a new record(outside of the year we did it for Brianna and received an anonymous $5,000 donation).   There are words enough to state what a perfect weekend this was.   From the weather, to the players (roughly 200 of you played this year), to the new facility (thanks Hartford Rec!), this tourament was nothing short of a 100% success and we can't wait to top it next year!   Thank you......EVERYONE.

2017:  The tournament featured 16 teams and icy conditions that led to laying down 2200 lbs of sand the evening before the event began.   Despite the icy conditions, everyone was in great spirit and the weather wasn't so bad as the games began.    Roughly 200 players helped us raise $4575 this year and up to $44575 in our tournament's history!  Thank you to all the captains, players, sponsors, and Hartford Rec for helping us continue to put on such an extraordinary event.

2018: The tournament dropped down to 11 teams, but those 11 teams bravely faced icy and frigid conditions on day 1 of the tournament.   A beautiful day 2 and strong sponsorship still led to roughly 125 players helping us raise a new event record of $5725.    Which moved us up to $50,300 over the tournament's history!   Thank you to all captains, players, sponsors, and Hartford Rec for once again helping us continue to be part of such an extraordinary event.  

2019:  The tournament entered it's 12th and final year.   It was very bittersweet to say good bye, but we had a wonderful weekend.   12 teams and roughly 150 players stayed safe through what began as snowy conditions and ended with what seemed to be our trademarked ice.     When all was said and done $2500 was raised, bringing our 12 year total up to $52,800 and the 11 year total for Prevent Child Abuse up to $45,200.  Thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting us for the past 12 years, particularly the past 7 years when we honored an amazing man and renamed it the Ray Roy Memorial Snow Much Fun Coed Softball Tournament.    We'll miss you all!